Tribal Animal Tattoos

One of the most diverse of tattoo genres are tribal animal tattoos, this is because God and nature has provided us with a vast and varied array of animals.

Whether you are looking for a butterfly fluttering across your lower back or a black panther clawing its way up your arm, animals are great choices for anybody's body art collection.
They can be shown in a realistic style, as a tribal image or realistic combined with tribal designs.

Although animals are often shown alone they can be portrayed with other subjects, such as leaves, trees and flowers to create a foliage style landscape.
They are also quite often shown with a moon and stars or sun and sky backdrop.

These types of tattoos can include anything and everything from entire scenes of a wild jungle habitat to a single diminutive bird of paradise, a soaring eagle, from doves to dolphins, and tigers to turtles.

animal tattoos

Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos are popular because there are so many animals to choose from. Anybody can choose an animal to represent something within themselves or in their lives. It could be an expression of a personality trait that they have, such as strength or purity or anything else. For example, if one chooses an animal to show that their are strong and fierce, they may choose to use the tiger or lion to do that. If one wants to represent freedom, they may choose an animal that can fly like a bird or a butterfly.
Animals can also be used to represent others as well. The Chinese zodiac is perfect to represent a group of people, even an entire family. Whatever animal the family members are born in the year of, can be their symbol in a tattoo. A literal use of the animal tattoo can be a portrait of a pet. This can help a pet owner mourn if their pet has died.
Animal tattoos can be created in any style imaginable. There have been animal tattoos as long as old school tattoos have existed. Animals can also be depicted in a tribal tattoo design or even new school with bright, unrealistic colors. Most animal tattoos that are the most impressive are realistic tattoos, especially if the animals are depicted in some kind of action.
Common animals seen in tattoo include: the koi fish, lions and tigers, bears, wolves, dogs and cats, birds, especially peacocks and eagles, frogs, lizards, butterflies, dragonflies. But any animal is the perfect theme for a tattoo!

Animal tattoos

Big Animal Tattoos-Elephant Tattoos

Animal tattoos are favorite designs of tattoo aficionados because they manifest traits which majority of people like. Normally, popular animal tattoos are wild, savage feline, such as lion, tiger. However, some tattoo aficionados begin to keep an eye on elephants.

Elephant is a sturdy animal which is worshipped in ancient India and Africa because it is described to have divine power and gigantic body in a fairy tale. Elephant is a metaphor for the supreme leader in ancient civilizations. When the war broke out, ancient Indian usually utilized elephant for psychological warfare and infused fear into foe.

The ancient Indian all look up to elephants. They thought elephant symbolizes sanctity and benevolence. Ganesh is an Indian God with the head of an elephant referred to mythology. In Hindu ceremonials, elephants are regard as a sacred animal and are usually washed and covered with special oil. Under a view of Indian, an albino elephant is the most inviolable among all elephants and represents God. Those who catch sight of it are thought to get into the god’s good grace.

cute elephant tattoos

Lovely tattoos-Dog Tattoos

Dog Tattoo Dogs are close friend of human and get along well with men for many years. Dogs are tame animals, a descendant of wolves who are educated to serve human before man’s ascent to civilization and keep a durable commensal relationship with human which persist to this day.

No doubt dog is the most popular domestic pet among all. Pet dog would certainly be a hot subject matter for tattoo enthusiast. Pet dog tattooed on you can express your strong sentimental attachment to deceased family pet and portray scenes of bygone happy life with pet dog.

dog tattoos

Animal Tattoos-Bear Tattoos

Bear tattoos have already been permeated through the Native American culture. Some tribal unit made use of bear tattoos to represent campaign, chasing wild animals and being recovered to health. Other tribal units used bear image to indicate the cyclone that was applied in the battle to bewilder foes. Some tribal unit believed bear had supernatural forces and became an object of worship. Their yearly winter sleep gave indication of need for quiet and self-examination. The tranquility of the bear’s den was a representation of the peaceful heart.

Another explanation as to why bear tattoos possesses various meanings and designs is the great diversity of this living thing. Bears for instance the Kodiak and Grizzly can be emblematic of great strength, force, and hazard. Polar bears are relatively infrequent, especial in tattoo designs. Polar bears are in danger of extinction. Polar bears image included in the tattoo design can express the imminent death of polar bears and raise human being’s consciousness, or represent specific hope. Other similar species include Black bears and Pandas.

bear tattoos

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